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From American Weave, Summer 1966:

Grandfather Bill Kingsley & Penny Zonyx Report:  American Weave Cover, Summer 1966

I know now he wasn't really so old
though old enough to die
to have been a railroad brakeman, and watchman
to retire
and drive a red Model-A from tavern
to tavern in Madison for beer
he wasn't supposed to have.

And to have been sick even before then.
The first time my stepfather took me
North to see him I was told
how fat he would be, warned
not to laugh at his head completely without
hair and eyebrows
from some disease I did not know
though of course I wouldn't have, being
a rather solemn kid.

The summers following we caught catfish together
in Tinney Park
and I warily observed the bees he kept
and watched him cut off chickens'
and took the slingshot he gave me -- carefully
carved notches for the strips of rubber
fastened with fine turns of copper
wire --
back to the city, where Big Joanne
finally took it from me
and split the crotch.

And the first summer that
I didn't get poison ivy there
I was hardly able, after drinking
muscatel with two Oneida girls
and a sailor with a broken arm
home on leave, in a Ford by the
Petenwell dam, to walk
the road to the cottage that was
to be attached by the county
for medical bills when he died.

And when he died I said, Yeah
I went to the funeral.
Yeah, it was the usual thing up there.
Oh, they had a big meal in town for the people.
In the basement of the post office. Yeah,
they had some beer, I got some. But
it wasn't a very big deal.

Yeah, it was hardly worth his dying.

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