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About This Site, The 60s, The Counterculture, Their Lives Today

The Zonyx Report covers a variety of overlapping topics, many of them having a common connection with events & people of Milwaukee, especially the East Side, beginning with the Counterculture of the '60s. Since it began appearing in February 2000, I have received many e-mailed comments, from participants & observers, some of whom have moved far away or otherwise lost touch with each other. In reprinting them here I hope to help those who wish to get in contact with each other again, perhaps regaining a virtual community that once actually existed, or at least bring interested viewers up to date on some now-distant lives. At any rate, it is a forum for any criticism of my site anyone cares to offer -- some of which I may act upon -- as well as for some welcome compliments, which in either case I hope will stimulate others to follow suit.

Comments:                  Who They Are [See End for Index]:
Hi,                                                                           »»

I read your site with a lot of interest. Not everyone stayed in
Milwaukee, naturally. My take on what happened shifts in interesting ways when I read your work; I was a shadow on the "other side" of the K'scope effort. But, I remember vividly working alongside Gene Caldwell on the layout of Vol I, No 1. The East Side will always be a defining time/place as far as I am concerned. My part was conditioned by my student/factory worker/K'scope activities. Here in Winston-Salem NC last week, the first lunch counter sit-in was commemorated; not many younger people showed up. A lot of the struggle has been lost, and sometime soon a new one will be necessary. As a historian, it makes me sad, and cautious, in my own work with reconstructing the past.

Keep on with the site!


From: Harry Titus <titus@wfu.edu>
To: mzetteler@wi.rr.com
Comments Date: Mon. 28 Feb 2000
Subject: K'scope, etc.

Harry Titus
Art Department, Box 7232
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC 27109

Tel: (336) 758-5081
Fax: (336) 758-6014


Former Art Critic, Art Editor, etc.,

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Hi Mike,                                                              »»

I've been gradually reading the stuff on your site and enjoying it immensely! I appreciate the wide range of material, the memory for details (as in the
longshoreman story), the historical perspective (as in just about everything).

I agree that the
sexism you display in the coffee house article is about as tame as it gets. If a singer is outstandingly attractive it would be impossible not to notice.

If you are writing a review there would be no reason not to mention it especially in the entertainment field. I guess back in those days (the publication date is not mentioned, is it?) people were not so conscious of "packaging a product in the music industry." Today we're more conscious of the package than the music.

There's a lot there (in your site) and I hope to gradually get through it all. But, then, I don't know how fast you're adding to it! I already spend hours and hours in front of my computer screen.

I began with computers only two years ago and when I lost my job of 10 years as Activity Therapist at a chemical dependency treatment center -- they closed down -- an opportunity arose to return to school. I chose a two year course toward a Master of Science degree at Cardinal Stritch University in Computer Science Education and in two more months I'll be through. I started from scratch and have learned a lot. I hope it's enough to get a good job so I can soon begin saving for retirement now that I'm old enough to retire!

I'm not sure what kind of job I'll get although it will probably involve the Internet. You can check out my own website (originally a classroom project that is taking on a life of it's own) at <www.stritch.edu/~rollman>
[See http://www.rick.ollman.com/ ]

Currently, I've been studying Java and using it to create word games which are playable but still being developed.

You won't run in to me at the gym these days but you might find me at a golf course -- I've reached that certain age! Actually, I don't have time for too much besides school since I'm still working full time, too, on weekends as a Personal Care Worker in a group home for developmentally disabled young women. I can sleep on the job if the girls are asleep (I work nights, mostly) or study if the work is done. Of course there's no money there but I have health insurance and other benefits. And there are few jobs that blend so well with school.

I forwarded your URL to my brother
Barry last week and again today with the update. He is living in Denver with his wife and younger daughter and has another daughter at Tufts in Boston. He works as a stockbroker but has several side gigs. He is developing, as co-financier, a company that created a self-tuning guitar. It's really pretty amazing. Not only can you tweak the tuning if it's going out of tune but you can change to one of hundreds of pre-programmed, or custom tunings in a single beat. Check it out at www.selftuning.com.
He also buys and sells autographs and music memorabilia, specializing in Woody Guthrie material. He had to drop out of his rock band several years ago -- just too busy.

As I was reading your site last week I ran across the name of
Jerry Berndt, I think in reference to work at the Milw. Journal years ago. I reconnected with him recently. He is working as a photographer in Paris. I'm not sure what his most recent work is like but last year he had some photos on a website (no longer there apparently) that were mysterious black and white images of street scenes with hints of unexplained violence and distress that were not easy to decipher.

My other brother,
Arthur, who hasn't lived in Milwaukee since high school, is the director of the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego <www.mopa.org >. They recently completed a huge expansion project which gives them a movie theater, among other amenities, for the first time. My whole family was there for the opening two weeks ago.

Arthur surprised me with a special screening of a few items that included a 16mm work titled "rick" made in
Madison in the 60s by Jerry Berndt! I had only seen parts of it while it was still being edited. It consisted of me playing a classical guitar piece on the top of a fire escape of a brick walk-up apartment house. There were views from above, from the ground and close-ups. After a couple minutes of this there was documentary footage of soldiers marching through an occupied city and the whole perspective changes. The music continues throughout but takes on an elegiac tone. I think it was his first film and I don't even know if he made more. I wrote to him at jwberndt2@aol.com and included your URL. He responded with a short note saying he would write more when he had time.

Salomea is currently working as a courier for Quicksilver Express Couriers. She suffered from intense and constant migraines for five years that was cured two years ago with a combination of herbs and diet. We found an herbalist near Lake Geneva. Now that she is able to get out into the world and actually turn her head and look around without pain she loves driving around the city and countryside and see what's happening in the world outside of our once heavily-curtained bedroom.

We live in the
Sherman Park neighborhood and don't get to the East Side very often. I get out to Woodland Pattern events fairly often, if I'm not working, and occasionally theater productions downtown. But you brought back a lot of memories of an era that seems to have disappeared with your web site and I thank you for what you're doing.

Keep in touch,

. . . Just started a new job this week as       »»
 "Internet Content Developer" for Trisept Solutions, a sister company of The Mark Travel Corp. We mainly build sites for the travel industry.
     I'm also developing a few sites on my own including http://www.woodlandpattern.org/

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000
From: Rick Ollman
To: mzetteler@wi.rr.com

Zonyx Report Photo:  Salomea & Rick Ollman
Salomea & Rick Ollman

Milwaukee musician & poet
Former East Side resident & UWM student
Computer Science M.S., Cardinal Stritch
Sherman Park area resident

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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003
From: Rick Ollman <rollmans@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: New address: Zonyx & Mike Zetteler

[New, from Teri Regano]                            »»

I like it ! To say that you've put some work in this, is an understatement. I'm impressed. I have to be honest...I just did a quick browse - hopefully, one of these days, I'll have the time to really do some reading. I've had little or no time these last several months.

It was really tempting to spend a great deal of time....I saw the names of people and places that I haven't heard in decades. Brought back a lot of old memories.

Please feel free to ask for the use of my small collection of Bugles and K'scopes and Brady St. posters if ever you feel the need. I have a digital camera (a Sony Mavica....it uses floppies, unlike the others that have to be downloaded) so I could shoot the posters for you and just give you the disk.

Thanks for the link to the
Brady St. site....it's boring, but we're planning to do something about that.

From: "Teri" <islateri@prodigy.net>
"Mike Zetteler" <mzetteler@wi.rr.com>
Subject: The new look
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000

Zonyx Report Photo:  Teri Regano Across the Bar
Teri Regano

Owner & Manager
Regano's Roman Coin
1004 East Brady Street
Milwaukee, WI

Brady Street Area Association

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[New, from Diane M. Rey]                          »»

Hi Mike...Nice job on the page. Did you realize that your recorded message does not work? [Since corrected --M.Z.] I looked at your source code and all I can see that might be wrong is that you have it in an F:/ file. Is that a file on YOUR computer or on execpc.com's? If it's on your hard drive, you would be the only one able to hear it. Anyway...way to go!!!! Nice pages and looking forward to seeing the rest of them. My new email is Diane@jesstar.com so please include me when you send out news of updates. Jess gave me the address this time and I figured you may have used the one that was on my card and I don't use it anymore. So, there you have it. Keep up the good work!! Diane

[Defunct Links Above]

From: Diane M. Rey (Diane@jesstar.com)

 Zonyx Report Photo:  O'B/GS's [Original Lie to Me Lounge]
                         Jess Jespersen Photo
   Diane M. Rey & Jess Jespersen
   At O'B/GS's Original Lie to Me Lounge
    [now Jamo's]

AOL Instant Messenger Name:
               Lass2U ICQ# 8845334

Web site designer
Former Wisconsin resident
Resident of Arizo

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To: Mike Z.
From: Phil Wroblewski

Good to see your site up & running.  It's sunny (mostly) & quiet here in So. Cal. where I'm living the single life & working as a clinical psychologist. I hope to get back to Milwaukee for a visit someday. . . .
[see below for
another message --Mike Z.]
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006
Subject: "GEORGIE"
To: mzetteler@wi.rr.com

howdaf__kareya? This is a letter I wrote to
George [Johnson], threatening to call him Georgie. You can use it in your history (as in whateverhappenedto?) … add it to my history.

To: 'George johnson'
Subject: "GEORGIE"

So there I was, 1986, in
Oakland CA, on a weekday afternoon, with little to do (or a lot to do but I was procrastinating) but listen to my favorite conservative talk show host (Jim Eason?) and he was interviewing George Shearing and Mel Torme who were in town for a concert. They were talking about how they had known each other for 30+ years and how Mel had always called Shearing “Georgie.” Only to find out just recently that Shearing (being British) hated being called that. So Torme said: “I can understand. I would hate it if anyone called me Melvie.” At this point I call in to register my support for Shearing. They had just talked about great Bop pianists and I wanted to point out that they left George Shearing off the list. While I’m waiting my turn at 15 min. of fame, Torme is talking about needing old DownBeat magazines from the late 40’s and early 50’s. He was doing a book and lost or couldn’t find them and he was sending out the message that he needed them. So my turn comes and I make George Shearing famous…and then add that I might be able to find those DownBeats and what might they be worth to Mel Torme IF they could be found … IF IF IF. He starts talking about “eternal gratitude” ….and then I asked if I could call him Melvie? There was this long second of dead silence and then all three of them broke up.


From: PhilWrob
Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2006

Former UWM student & East Sider
A professional who made it out of Milw.
Jazz lover
Nice enough guy, but now a boring

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Hi Mike -                                                »»

Quite nice to hear from you. Would have responded much sooner but we've all been really sick around here for two weeks. But it's Monday morning and everyone is back at school and work and life is good again. This will have to be short because I'm back in my (home) office with piles of stuff to do.

web site looks great. I can appreciate the effort you've been putting into it (I've been learning how to do it too, so I can set up 3 sites for HB - my business). I'm nowhere near as good as you yet.

I think it only fitting and proper if you become the historic documentarian of
Milwaukee's counter culture. Very cool idea - I hope you keep expanding it.

I heard about
Priscilla, what did she die of? Sorry about your Mom, she was always very generous to me. Tell me about Kathy! What's she doin?

I didn't know you had seen Jon. He and Lisa, his fiancé, live above the
Up and Under on Brady - really nice place. I'd love to tell you more about life in Marcialand and I will very soon. But for now I just wanted to acknowledge that I have seen your site and am enjoying it very much.

Give me your address - I have a pin I want to send you.

Take care of yourself,

[Message 2 from Marcia Drouin Smith]       »»

Michael -

I just listened to your
recorded message for the first time (didn't work before) and if you take the time to do an audio message at least say a little more! You know, something wacky like welcome to my web page! And I hope it rekindles some memories of
Milwaukee's East Side during the years of yadda, yadda, yadda...you know - people like to see and hear you - so say something. [Since corrected --M.Z.]

Is waiting for an e-mail reply from you like waiting to do lunch with you?

(Nice to know my naked pics are safe with you!)

Are you doing the Census? Are people turning on you?
Chelsea said the census people came to her school to get kids to work in the office. Are you working in the office or going door to door? I'd be curious to hear how people are responding to the long form.


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000
From: The Smith Family
Reply-To: CreativeSmith@wi.rr.com
To: Mike Zetteler <mzetteler@wi.rr.com>
Subject: hey you

   Zonyx Report Photo:  Marcia Drouin & Author
Mike Zetteler & Marcia Drouin
Circa 1973 -- Kurt Holzhauer Wedding

   Zonyx Report Photo:  Marcia Smith & Child
    Chelsea & Marcia Smith
    Circa 1983

Marcia (Drouin) Smith
Former East Side resident
Former reporter: Marquette, MI &
                            Dubuque, IA
Freelance writer
Serves free meals to the poor (see photo)
Resident of Cedarburg, WI

[Message 2 from Marcia]

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000

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                                              Matt's E-Mail
E-Mail for Clubhouse.                      

This is the first time that I'm mentioned anywhere in the history of Milwaukee's Counterculture. I know that I was there until August of 1966, very active in the anti-war movement (or did I hallucinate all that?). Trouble is, that I wrote no poetry and most of the history starts in the late 60s when I was in Pittsburgh. We had some "hairy" times there too. When MLK was assassinated, there was a rally at a black church at the edge of "The Hill" (Pittsburgh is a city of hills, and they tend to be ethnic ghettos and "The Hill" is one of the Black Hills) overlooking Three Rivers Stadium.

First there was an attempt to assassinate the minister holding the rally. At the same time we could look up the street, into the ghetto and see half the street burning. If we looked the other way, toward Three Rivers Stadium, we could see tanks (yes real tanks) coming up the freeway ramps and into the ghetto. No wonder, that I thought that America would not survive the war with itself. A months after that, an old friend from Milwaukee, Milt Bratz (do you remember him? probably not) started graduate school at Pitt. I scared him and his wife off by talking about the need for armed revolution and exhorting him to get guns.

Well it was his fault -- he should not have tried a surprise visit on the afternoon that I was whacked on psilocybin. A few days later, I apologized but the damage was done. His wife thought I was nuts (and rude).

I like the website. Good to see those photos that Ralph took. The versions that he sent me were so huge that I couldn't see them all at once. They are nice and it's sad that all that stuff was burned out and even worse if it was deliberate arson. Hope you are well and that your teeth are no longer throbbing with pain.

Take care, Matt

[Message 2 from Matt Wilensky, Fwd from Ralph Larsen]

...and how come you're not working today [Ralph]. I assume this is your home. I hope you are well and not laid up with something debilitating. God! Ralph Larsen! (hisownbadself). Remember the Hate Society? The Shaving Cream birthday party we held for you (and everyone else who could drink themselves into a coma). No more comas for me because I tend to have blackouts and do embarrassing things. Even when I drink moderately, I tend to drop things (like a wine bottle all over the dinner table) and have miserable hangovers the next few days (days! sic!). I'm 60 years old and my body can't take it anymore. Hasn't been able to for 10 years now. I live in Escondido, Ca. This is a little town, just 25 miles north of San Diego. Am a Clinical Psychologist, working a lot with domestically violent men; otherwise I do as little as possible. At the last thing, I'm a success; but it doesn't pay very well. Comes the "Revolution" and I'll get paid for sitting around (or even laying around) and thinking. It's my right, written into the Constitution: "Life, Liberty, and the Purfuit of Happineff." I was married once, (no children), and that was enough. I'm just not made for marriage. I almost never let my defenses down and just can't do that intimacy thing that women need. I became a psychologist so that I could understand things like that; and I do understand, but that doesn't mean that I can do it on a sustained basis. So I married a woman who was as damaged as me, and it was a friggin' disaster. The stress was so bad, I got into heavy drugs (massive amounts of speed to keep my spirits (and my dick) up). Speed gives you the "dickofdeath" you know. These days, I'm very mellow (age helps) . [Everything else], I notice, gives me a slight "fuzzy" feeling for a day or so afterwards. I've become a Libertarian/Fiscal Conservative/Republican. A supporter of John McCain and even a closet Allan Keyes enthusiast. How's that for change???? In 1992, I voted for Clinton. After watching him for 2 years, I began to metamorphosize and now, I think, I'm a butterfly. Mike Z. doesn't like it and neither does my brother Steve. But I'm a recovering Socialist and it works for me, one day at a time. CASE IN POINT: I was watching C-SPAN this morning and some political columnist from, I think the Atlanta Constitution was being interviewed. They asked him about the Confederate flag issue. He said that the previous governor tried to change the flying of this flag and lost a lot of political support. Then he said something which astounded me. Amazed me! He said that as the controversy went on, the polls showed that a majority of black people were against the removal of the Confederate flag!!!!!!!!!!! So, what in the world, is all of this Liberal brouhaha about the flag (sic?) all about????? You don't think that the Liberals are using red herrings and demagoguery (sic?) do you? Perhaps they are. Many black Republicans that I listen to, often observe that the Democrats play the race card to the detriment of our society.

Something to think about.

Date: Unknown
From: Matt Wilensky, Ph.D.
Reply-To: m wilensky@hotmail.com

Former Milwaukeean & UWM Psychology student
Clinical Psychologist
Recovering Socialist

[Message 2 from Matt]

From: Matt Wilensky
3/18/00 2:00:37 PM

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hey Mike                                                  »»

thanks for the update...I'm just back from N. Ontario, hanging w/ Jeff Hinich, & we touched now & then on the old days...actually we had a rerun of sorts recently, w/ a bag ship in port, as you probably heard...I thought I e-mailed my congratulations & thanks quite some time ago, when I initially found out about your site...I enjoyed looking around.....be nice to see you one of these days....

best, Harvey

Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000
From: Harvey Taylor
To: Mike Zetteler <mzetteler@wi.rr.com>
Subject: Re: Mike Zetteler's Site
              [ZonyxReport] Update:

Milwaukee Riverwest resident
Poet & musician

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[New, From Jeanne (Scheeler )]                   »»

Mikelowitz was
an Eastern European type cat.
He always wore his hat,
even in summer.
He cooked his own food,
mostly beef.
He liked to look at naked girl cats,
In cat, or on the net,
He fed beef dinners to his various
girl-cat friends.
He liked his life and
he should have.
But he said little about it,
or anything.

--miloscz, 7/11/2000

From: Jeanne [deleted]
To: mikelz@hotmail.com
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000

Former Milwaukeean & UWM student
Florida resident
UFOlogy buff

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[New, From Jeanne]                        »»

MIKEL: In fact, I don't find the naked dancers described on the Ozaukee Press page to be "risible." In fact, just the opposite. See usage note in Webster, 9th ed., at the "risibility" entry: "'Our risibilities support us as we skim over the surface of a deep issue'
--J. A. Pike.". . . .

. . . .The following extracts from Catherine MacKinnon's *Toward a Feminist Theory of the State* (Harvard University Press, 1989) may clarify for you the difference between "prudery" and a feminist interpretation of pornography. Following that are some extracts from the Marxist art critic John Berger's book *Another Way of Seeing* and additional extracts from a filmmaker, a poet, and a revolutionary philosopher, to perhaps help you to no longer confound the Counter Culture's progressive critique of modern American society with what you call "the age of topless and bottomless entertainment."
miloscz . . . .

. . . .[It's not by accident, Mikel, that you so carefully represent yourself as the *viewer* of the naked dancer in Ozaukee County. Read your "report" and you will see the effort you make to position yourself this way. You want to be, and you try to make yourself, the arbiter of everything you "report" on in this article, including the view the reader should take away concerning who's entitled to what views on others: i.e., the customer willing to pay his way to watch the girl undress. But the article really wasn't about legal issues, or the rights of paying customers, or the way men get off on treating women like objects, or what you seem to see as pornography's contribution to the more libertine, self-indulgent aspects of the "counter culture." It was all about you and the sense of power you derived from looking at her nude, from writing about yourself looking at her nude, and from even getting to be the acting page editor or whatever in laying out the article. You just want to lay out the world from your own point of view, with yourself as supreme Subject. You should read some feminist writing and some existentialist philosophy too.--jm]. . . .

[Message 2 From Jeanne]

. . . .and 2) the consistent male chauvinist tone and male chauvinist practices of most of your website's references to women. I really wanted to examine the latter issue in detail. Perhaps my e-mail seemed to be an excessive response, but I was using some of your gender/image usages as a text from which to explore, with just a small portion of MacKinnon's argument, the issues of gender, pornography, and power/dominance/violence
she raises. . . .

[Message 3 From Jeanne]

. . . .Perhaps the sexism expressed in some items on your website is less than blatant,  Mikel. Perhaps my sensitivity and reactions to it are more pronounced because I directed a conference and edited a volume of papers a decade or so ago on the gender and representation issues raised by Berger, feminist film theorists, and others concerned with this problem. . . .

. . . .And perhaps what you see as my extreme reactions to sexism on your website partake of my being very put-out by your frequent disparaging references to my use of [a prescribed medication] and what you think of as its dehumanizing effects. . . .

[Message 4 From Jeanne]



Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000
From: jeanne [deleted]
To: Mike Zetteler
Re: Updated Web Site
(Zonyx Report)


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[Message 2 From Jeanne]

Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000
From: jeanne
To: mzetteler@wi.rr.com,
Subject: Re: Jeanne's right about this
                 (--Phil): (No, she's not --Mike Z.)
Reply-To: [deleted]

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[Message 3 From Jeanne]

Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000
From: jeanne [deleted]
Mike Zetteler
Subject: Re: My chauvinist web site &
                 other sins 


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[Message 4 From Jeanne]

From: jeanne
Re: Louise, G. M. Hopkins,
                 porn, lovebugs. . .

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000

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 mike,                                                       »»

 had a bit of time to read  more of your culture memories...reading Barbara's recollection of getting high blew me back in time -- seems as though you have added more since I first looked at it -- very nice.
  about the
randy anderson shooting -- have you ever followed up what happened to the other YIP person, I believe it was Don Rubin? The last I heard he was living on the West Bank --

[New Message from George]

. . . . Don Rubin was the other person shot in the back, but unlike [Randy] Anderson, he lived. I met him when I was a student at MATC -- a very quiet person, he would not talk about that night until almost a year had gone by and we had become somewhat of friends. From what I remember, he believes it was in large part a police set up-- with Schmidt the one pushing for the fire bombing, which I believe was suspected at the time. Rubin kept a low profile because he and his family sought and won a pardon from the Governor. Don eventually settled on the West Bank with his wife( not a Jew) and that is the last I have heard from him. Still I think his story could fill in some details about the YIP commune-

From: "George r. johnson"
To: <mzetteler@wi.rr.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002
Subject: randy anderson

UWM graduate, former POST editor
Waukesha Freeman photographer
Milwaukee's first head shop owner
Lecturer:  UW-Engineering College

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[New, from D.J. Zetteler, The Netherlands] »»

Nice site!
im a grandson of W.F. Zetteler
by the way, their address has changed cause
they have moved.

gg  D.J. Zetteler

Reply-To: "DJ" <dj@zetteler.com>
From: "DJ" <dj@zetteler.com>
To: <mzetteler@wi.rr.com>
Subject: nice family site
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002

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[New, from Ralph Larsen]                        »»

Hi Mike.

   I wanted to make some comments about your web site, but I just haven't had the time.  I do have some news for you, I ran into George Johnson last week. I saw him in Madison while walking down the street.  He looks great and seems to be successful. He has an interesting tail to tell- but I'll let him tell it. His email address is: gjohnson@epd.engr.wisc.edu
   Part of his story is in his address. Although I knew nothing about his whereabouts, he knew what I was doing, but more about that later.

From: "Ralph Larsen" <radioralph@hotmail.com>
George Johnson
Sun, 29 Apr 2001

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  Hello, Mike:                                                       »»

   Please think of this as a thank you note.  I discovered your website, not while searching for Zetteler, that would have been too easy.  I was getting creative and looking for de Bourghelles and found it!
   My name is
Cynthia and I am your second cousin once removed, i.e., your grandfather Charles Elias Gabriel Zetteler was the brother of my great-grandfather, Frederick Tobias Zetteler III.
   I want to thank you for all the information you provided from Wilfred.  I had the line back to
Wijnand Johannes and Anna Jacoba Helman (Peters) Zetteler, and the information from Wilfred pushed it back two more generations and explained why the Zettelers were in Holland with a non-Dutch name.  I have drafted a letter to Wilfred with all my questions on his information.
   I hate to be greedy, but do you have any information on the
Wahlfahrt family (or Walfarth, Wolfarth, Walfart, etc. etc.)?  Anna Walfahrt married Charles Gabriel Elias the first.  I know her father, Rudolf, (who fought in the Civil War) was from Switzerland, but that's about it.  I am putting together a family history for my mother and I have almost nothing on them.  Her side of the family seems to be fraught with genealogical brick walls.
   I do have information I can share:  I have information on
Sarah Jacoba Smith's family and a little on the Zettelers who fought in the Civil War. 
   Just out of curiosity, what languages did your
grandfather speak.  I'm assuming Dutch, but others as well?
   Thank you again for the information.  Look forward to hearing from you

                        Cynthia Gruver

[New Message from Cynthia]

. . . .Yes, I write travel mostly and the site I write for at the moment is www.igougo.com and I write under the guide name Peregrine. I've just posted text and pictures about the Open Space in Albuquerque, where I spent a lot of free time and Chuck (husband) gives walking tours, or did, I think he's moved on to running conservation organizations at the moment.  Ah, to be retired and do whatever you damn please.
   At the moment I'm working up a series of one day itineraries for people who are visiting
Santa Fe for IgoUgo.  It's fun, but it doesn't pay. 
   By the way, Mother remembers your
father and aunts.  I guess as kids the cousins got together now and again . . .

From: "Cynthia Gruver" <gruver_writes@hotmail.com>
To: mzetteler@wi.rr.com
Subject: Zetteler Genealogy
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001

      Zonyx Report Photo:  Send Mail to Cynthia Gruver
    Cynthia Gruver
Arizona Resident
Travel Writer

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Hi Mike,                                                                   »»

   What a nice surprise.  I was just beginning to think that you just weren't interested in family history.  The two of my sisters who are living down here aren't.
   I'm a relative newcomer to genealogy, having just started about a year ago.  As you mentioned, my paternal grandmother was
Harriet Katherine Zetteler.  She died in 1938, when I was ten.  She was married to Jesse Paul Arnold on April 18, 1900 in Milwaukee.  She was born in Oconomowoc, WI on Jan. 26, 1876. Interestingly, the name on her birth certificate is Emma.
   I have quite a bit of information on her father,
Fredrick Tobias Zetteler, which I found in the Milwaukee County Historical Society when I was up there last summer.  They have an extensive Civil War library.  I also have copies of some of his personal papers that I'd seen years earlier, and which were handed down through the family.  My brother had them and gave them to one of my sister's daughters.  She sent me copies of them.  I'm working on a sort of faux computer, so I can't e-mail them, but I would be happy to send you copies of any or all the information I have.
   There were at least three
Zettelers who served in the Civil War.
   Well, back to the family.  Grandmother had five children:
Edwin, who died in 1926, from tuberculosis.  He was married and had two children, Edwin and Marylou?  I'll have to check on that.  Then came Myrtle, who married Frank Ryan, moved to Rochester, NY, and had eight children, Paul, Francis, George, Patricia, Joseph, David, Mary Lou and Joan Carol.  Next was my Dad, Jesse Paul Arnold, but known as Paul.  He had five children, [starting with] Dennis Wayne, who passed away last year at age 77 of a heart attack.
   I'm the second, age 75 in July.  I married a
Native American in 1946. We had ten children.  The first was Judith, (as opposed to Judy as I am called.)  She is a lawyer, has her PhD, is currently teaching law at the U. of Arkansas and is in the process of writing a book about one of the black lawyers who took part in the Little Rock School situation. 
   We had a son,
Richard, who was drowned in an irrigation canal in Arizona.
   Next was
Cynthia (Cindy), who went to the U. of IL, and is currently a supervisor at the Illinois Dept. of Employment (Unemployment Bureau).  She lives in Gurnee, IL.
   Next is
Paul, who went to UW-Madison and works as a computer consultant for the U. of Madison. 
   Next is
Dawn, who is a special ed. teacher in Waukegan, IL.
Greg is next.  He works for Western Plow Co. in Milwaukee.
Kate's next.  Her name is Kathleen, and she's a nurse and trained as a midwife, looking for a midwifery (like that word) position in Milwaukee. She is currently working as a nurse at the Menomonee Falls Hospital.
Craig is next.  He is currently self-employed, designing computer pages (?), working mostly for non-profit organizations.
Linda does framing and works at various other jobs.
Nancy works variously at repairing and upgrading houses and working in restaurants.
   All seem reasonably happy with what they're doing.
   My next sister is
Nancy, who is married to a Lutheran minister.  They seem to enjoy their once or twice yearly trips to Russia to help potential ministers, there.
   Then, my sister
Donna who is retired from the Milwaukee Post Office, as was my grandfather, my father, my brother, my cousin, Jan and I.
  Bonnie is the youngest.  She hasn't worked outside the home since soon after she was married.
   Next in Grandma's family is
Aunt Harriet.  She had two sons, Dick and Dan Klenz.  Dick is interested in genealogy.  The youngest, and the only one still alive, is Aunt Dorothy.  She is a great source of family information, and most of what she has told me has checked out.
   I guess I've told you more than you wanted to know, so, I'll sign off.
   Nice to talk to you,

From: lewisjgrandma@webtv.net (Judith Lewis)
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 
To: mzetteler@wi.rr.com
Subject: Branch of family tree

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[New, from Cynthia d'Este (Coffin)]              »»

   Excellent web site. Will take me a while to scrutinize. . . .
   Who knew then that you'd be the historian of
us all!  You look like the senior statesman. . . .
   More, later . . .

   cynthia d.

[More from Cynthia                                  »»

. . . describing my past 30 years.  They've
been a lot more fun and interesting than I'd imagined they'd be.  Haven't
begun to write about those, but maybe I should!
   I'll keep in touch.  More power to you in keeping us all connected. You have
NO idea what a synapse charge it was to see the names "Lance Barlow" and
Zonyx Report Photo:  Burke Brise Soleil.  Go to Art Museum Site.
"Jeannie Scheeler." And
Roger! [Christeck] Dear
 Curmudgeon!  We should
 have a huge
reunion under the
[right] one of these
   Yers, in
Palmyra . . .

From: Destino@aol.com
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002
Subject: Excellent web site!
To: mzetteler@wi.rr.com

          Zonyx Report Photo:  Cynthia d'Este.  Go to CNB-Scene Profile
       Cynthia d'Este [Coffin]

Former UWM student & East Side dweller &
Cheshire [UWM] staffer
Retired corporate headhunter
"Poet of the Prairie" --
CNB-Scene Profile
Small Press Publisher
Reiki Practitioner
Former San Francisco resident
Palmyra, WI resident


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  [New, from Barbara Gibson]                     »»

   Julia just sent me your website, which she had gotten from Rose Rinder, I think.  My God, Mike, you've done a massive job of reporting the history of that place, those times!  It's really incredible, and I hope people appreciate it.  I do, though it's a little overwhelming, for one thing, and I'm not sure I want to remember all that, for another. 
   What the heck are you doing these days?  Does it say, somewhere, in all the many links?  As for me, I live in Olympia Washington where I've lived since '85, and I'm retired from my job as a mental health counselor at The Evergreen State College. I'm "married" to a woman, Carol, and we live together with two cats.  I still write poetry, believe it or not.  Do you?  What's the point, I ask myself at times.  Bush is getting ready to  blow up the world and I'm writing about the maple trees in Michigan or something.
    Well, there's much more I could say about that.

And about many other things.  I saw Morgan this summer, briefly, after several years.  That was good.  Julia and Lucy are well and happy, Julia in L.A., Lucy in Boston.  Geez...  I'm 72 years old.  I got a new haircut this morning, and I can't tell whether it makes me look even more ancient, or whether it helps pep me up.  Actually, I'm pretty peppy as is.
     It would be fun to hear from you.   Take care.  And thanks again for all the work you did to put that stuff together.  Is it a book?  It should be!  Love, Barbara

From: "Barbara Gibson" <bagibson3@attbi.com>
To: <mzetteler@wi.rr.com>
Subject: wow
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002

Former UWM English instructor, poet,
feminist, writer, Earth Mother/sensualist,
civil rights crusader; Marxist-Humanist champion of the working class; war protestor; role model & friend to many
students, artists, activists, beatniks, hippies, Yippies & other folks.  Mother of Julia & Lucy.

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MIKE!!!!!                  »»
It's me, Morgan!
I have just seen you, heard you, read your lively words about Milwaukee in the 1960s -- sent to me by daughter Julia in Hollywood, who received it from her friend Rose Rinder in Milwaukee.  You can proudly say like Ishmael (the one in MOBY DICK), "I alone have survived to tell the tale!" (Is that what he said?)  I plunged right into your sea of countercultural nostalgia, just about drowning.  I clicked on links right and left, reading most of the night, over my head, till I collapsed in bed, and this morning decided instead of trying to read everything at one sitting I will savor those adventures a little at a time, a day at a time, with your voice echoing in every word.
     How did you do all this? Your work is remarkable, and not just because of of its many tickets for ego-trips, but because you have invented a new Milwaukee art form for a unique and fascinating chunk of its history -- one of the most innovative websites that I've encountered.  I'm interested in your family record also.  What next?
     To bring you up to date:
     For 24 years I've been married to Keiko Matsui Gibson (whom you met when we gave that poetry reading at UWM), who teaches modern literature, gender studies, and cross-cultural subjects.  That's longer than I was married to Barbara.  We have a 16 year old son Christopher Gibson (aka Matsui So) who is in 10th grade at Yokohama International School.  He's bilingual, excels at playing the cello (at it for more than ten years), loves studying Japanese and western history (having just written a paper on Chinese revolutionary history), writes occasional poetry and fiction for the school's literary magazine and articles for the school newspaper, also interested in math and the sciences, discusses politics and other news with me, rebels against me but is polite to others.
     I teach at two Japanese universities and for three years have been writing PHILOSOPHIZING IN THE VOID, a column in most issues of KYOTO JOURNAL (but will henceforth instead contribute separate articles and reviews as contributing editor).  I'll e-mail you later some writings that I've got in my iBook.  Meanwhile, you can find some of my work and Keiko's online:
      My Revolutionary Rexroth: Poet of East-West Wisdom (a book that was originally published and won a Choice Award) is at
(webmaster is Karl Young from Milwaukee, living in Kenosha); and Karl's Light & Dust Portable Anthology of Poetry: Morgan’s One Looks at One     is at <www.thing.net/~grist/lnd/mgibson.htm>
and Keiko's How Do You Like America and Other Poems is at    
      Some of our poems are also in The Plaza:
   Family news: After counseling students at Evergreen College for many years, Barbara continues to live in Olympia, Washington, and writes plays about the goddess Sophia.
     After being a special effects producer for 15 years or so,
Julia continues to live in Hollywood with TV producer Aaron Lipstadt and their teenage son Isaak, with her daughter Miranda (born in the Milwaukee Yippie Commune) and HER son Charlie living nearby.
Lucy is a computer scientist working on artificial intelligence for Ray Kurzweil (said to be the greatest inventor since Edison) in Boston.
     I was sad to hear of the death of
Ed Burton.  How are his wife, daughter, and others in his family?  I asked Vicki (in a letter after his death) what might become of all of their publications, might a university library become their home, etc., but have not received a reply.  Are there any 60's archives at UW-Milwaukee or UW-Madison for collections such as yours, Ed's, Karl Young's, etc.?  What are plans for your own collection in the future?  I've been wondering what to do with what's left of my poetry collection and correspondence with many poets, which are housed in Michigan.
     Have you recently been in touch with Karl or
Antler and Jeff Poniewaz or others I might know in Milwaukee?
     I'd love to hear from you and will offer you any information I can about those exciting years in
Milwaukee.  You have certainly done a conscientious, exciting, and imaginative job!  I wish we could meet.

Morgan Gibson

[More from Morgan Gibson]                       »»

     I just read your interview with Paul Goodman. I don't remember having read it before!  You refer to Barbara giving the party, as if I weren't there. Strange.  I remember him being in our home for several discussions with students, at least one involving a gay student writer whose name I've forgotten, who turned on Paul.  Your paraphrasing is accurate, flowing, and revealing of his mood, attitude, and personality.  Bravo!  I remembered that hippies disappointed him, creating a junk culture instead of the utopia he wished.  It's sad that his work has almost totally faded away, even in the neo-beat revival movements, which bore at least one City Lights editor, who interviewed me about Rexroth.  I wouldn't say that Paul is a great short story writer, but THE EMPIRE CITY is a work of genius, and I remember it with excitement and immense admiration, though I haven't read a page of it in 30 years.  But then I read little fiction.  It's more a product of an erudite poetic imagination. Barbara and I interviewed him at length about it, in a piece published in Leroi Jones' KULCHUR magazine before Leroi became Amiri.  I revered Paul, but his failures surprised me: his blind spots concerning women's liberation, black liberation most of all.  But we were all lucky to know him for a time.  I wonder what he would be into today?
. . . As for your story about Donnie, it is an admirable piece of realistic writing, with vivid local color, and some of the best black-white dialogue that I've ever read!  (But don't forget, I've never read as much fiction as poetry,  not as much fiction as you.)  Your story swept me back into the Milwaukee ghetto. . . .Beverly Pitts' organ! . . .  But just as [Paul] Goodman criticized hippie literature and art for being old fashioned stylistically,  I must honestly confess that your realism is a throwback to a much earlier stage of literature.  Of course it was written long ago, but even then your . . . realistic style seemed inappropriate for the consciousness of the era.  
     Copper Canyon Press has just published the first collected poems of Kenneth Rexroth -- everything but translations -- which I am about to review for KYOTO JOURNAL (back issues of which for several years contain a lot of my columns and reviews).

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002
Subject: Let there be commerce
From: Morgan Gibson <nonzenpoet@mac.com>
To: mzetteler@wi.rr.com

                  Morgan Gibson

Former UWM English professor (Literature, Creative Writing); poet & writer of fiction; ascetic experimenter & orientalist; radical thinker; civil rights & anti-war activist & community gadfly (with ex-wife Barbara); both hospitable East Siders & mentors until losing tenure or jobs over Vietnam War protests. 

We live at 3-17-604 Sakashita-cho, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi 235-0003 Japan. Our telephone/fax number is (045) 761-9223. (From North America dial 011-81-45-761-9223).

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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003
From: Morgan Gibson <nonzenpoet@mac.com>
To: Mike Zetteler <mzetteler@wi.rr.com>

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Hi Mike,
Yes, it is I, Cathy Gubin who worked on the Bugle in Milw. with Marty Racine. I have lived in France for the last 18 years.  I am an International Editor for a top five IT Consulting firm.  Marty Racine works for the Houston Chronicle.

I don't have the time right now to look into your site, but can do that later in January.
Cathy Gubin
Date: Tue,  7 Jan 2003
Subject: Re: Bugle-American,
              Milwaukee, the past  

From: "Cathy Gubin"
To:  <mzetteler@wi.rr.com>

Former East Sider & Bugle-American
Photographer & Layout Artist

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